Fluid inclusion microthermometry laboratory

Head of laboratory: Gabriella B. Kiss (gabriella.b.kiss()

Fluid inclusions are small volumes of paleofluid trapped in minerals, therefore they are the only direct evidences of the role of the fluid in geological processes. The physical-chemical characteristics of the fluid can be easily studied with the help of microthermometry methods, hence these studies are essential in research areas dealing with different kinds of fluid-rock interaction processes (e.g. hydrothermal processes, CH migration, metamorphic fluids…).

A Linkam FT-IR 600 type heating-freezing stage mounted on an Olympus BX-51 type polarizing microscope with 1000 x optical magnification capability is found in the fluid inclusion laboratory. Measurements can be done also with IR light, using a Hamatsu C4200 camera system, mounted on an Olympus BH2 type microscope. CO2 and H2O synthetic fluid inclusions are used for all equipment calibration and precision of the microthermometric measurements is ±0.1°C below 0°C, and ±1°C above it.